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Monthly Income $6,000

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Every time your customer makes a sale, YOU get a bonus commission!

Projected Monthly Bonus Earnings based on 25 in
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Monthly Bonus Income 25 in your salesforce making 1 sale/wk


Monthly Bonus Income 25 in your salesforce making 2 sales/wk


Monthly Bonus Income 25 in your salesforce making 3 sales/wk

** The above chart is for example only. Income is not guaranteed.
Success requires effort. The more you promote the more you will earn.

This Opportunity is NOT about recruiting. It's about Selling a Real Product "ADVERTISING!"

By Selling the product, you'll earn significant money AND you'll automatically build a sales-force generating you even more income!

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Who We Are!

JobOpp is a division of Consumer Awareness Products. We've been doing business online with an impeccable reputation since 1997.
While other companies have come and gone, we continue to serve the Entrepreneur community year after year.

There's a reason for our success... "We Care About Our Customers."
We love what we do and we take pride in doing it. Our goal is to help as many people as possible succeed with their own Home Business. We'll do everything in our power to make sure that happens.

"The Difference is our Standards"

We’ve Been paying Our Affiliates
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Here’s How You Earn

When someone joins from your page they are purchasing (1) 250K Advertising Campaign. They also receive a JobOpp Website exactly like this one. When they promote their JobOpp page and make a sale, they earn $100 just like you are doing... and each time they earn, you earn a $50 bonus commission. Every time this happens, you get paid!

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How to Promote Your Page!

For starters, your inital promotion is included as part of your membership, unless you elect to use the included Ad Campaign for a different site of yours.

You also receive a Resource Link loaded with resources for your own promotion.

If you prefer a “Hands-Off” approach you can order additional Ad Campaigns (at a BIG DISCOUNT) and have us do the promotion for you! Details provided in your Tool Kit!

Your Tookit is Loaded with Resources to help You Earn!
We send you a Link to it when you join. You can also order Advertising Packages and have us promote your page for you.

What JobOpp IS…

  • A Home Based Business Opportunity that pays you $100 per Sale!
  • Earn unlimited $50 bonuses on all your customers sales!
  • You receive this Web Page, with Hosting included!
  • A Stunning Lead-Capture Page with Built in Messages!
  • A REAL product that EVERY Online Business wants. Advertising is the most sought after product online. BILLIONS of dollars are spent “WEEKLY” for online advertising! You receive a Solo Ad sent to 250k prospects!

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  • It’s NOT some Get Rich or pyramid scheme.
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You’re paid on the sale of the product! If you sell the product you will earn direct income plus automatically build a sales-force.

In fact, the only way you can build your sales-force and earn "passive" income is by selling the product. That's why our program is so special.


This is NOT some Pyramid

Earnings are derived from the Sale of Our Ad Campaign! Our product is extremely valuable…

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A look at Potential Earnings

Every customer of yours is in YOUR sales-force for life!
Every time they make a sale, YOU get a bonus commission! (forever!)

per day
Monthly Income
1 $3,000
2 $6,000
3 $9,000

Projected Monthly Bonus Earnings based on 25
of your customers making just 1-3 sales per week.

If you had 25 Customers.
# of their sales week.
Monthly Bonus Income
1 $5,000
2 $10,000
3 $15,000

** The above chart is for example only. Income is not guaranteed.
Success requires effort. The more you promote the more you will earn.

This Opportunity is NOT about recruiting…it is about Selling a Real Product.

Make Sales…Get Paid!
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When you make a sale, you earn immediate direct income and your
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About Our Advertising Package!

A Mega-Advertising Blast to 250k prospects promoting any site you designate. After you pay for your order, you will automatically be forwarded to a page to submit your link for us to promote.

You will also be able to include some details and comments about your ad and the option to select "Promote My JobOpp Page," which many choose us to do.

We send plain formatted ads and full color ads promoting your JobOpp page, (or any link you specify). Just like the examples to the left and below. We handle everything for you.

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Terms: All Sales are final. No Refunds will be issued under any circumstance. By ordering you acknowledge this.

Full disclosure: Read this.

Income Disclaimer: This is a business Opportunity. Results are NOT guaranteed and will vary. The numbers above are for illustration only. They are there to show the potential the program offers. They’re not guarantees of income.

We do NOT Guarantee Sales. Doing so is impossible (and unethical).

There’s No Magic Wand. You have to do your part and keep promoting if you want the opportunity to earn. We’ll get things started with your built-in ad campaign when you join, but you need to put forth effort as well. The more you promote the better you will do.

If you’re willing to take responsibility for your business we’d love to welcome you aboard. If you do not agree with these terms or if you're looking for a guarantee and not willing to accept responsibility for your success or failure, please do NOT order.